Case Study: Gourmet Bike Tours in Europe

January 15, 2018

This is a company that contacted us from Switzerland. Dig-n-go provides “gourmet” bike tours all over Europe. This company was started by two brothers and when we met up, they were trying to run their entire company using Bento. Bento was FileMaker Inc’s attempt at providing an easy to use database application for mobile. Problem was that it was not robust enough for their needs.

Here is what they needed:
1. To track every Client, Prospect, Trip, Bike, Leader, Hotel, Restaurant, Roommate, Children, associated with any of their dozens of trips each year.
2. To send out automated emails a certain number of days before and after each trip’s start date.
3. To link up their trip list to their website, so when someone selected a trip, they would be notified of every update and change concerning that trip automatically.
4. To track every Bike for each trip, and make sure that no Bike was double-booked.

There were many more needs, but this was the bulk of it.

They hired HighPower Data Solutions to help them with this business automation need.

It took us about six months to get it fully operational, so that they could begin using it for a recent bike season.

It was the most automated and date intensive solution we have ever built. They key factor in the entire system was the “Start Date” for each trip. Based on that, all of the emails went out to the Guests, Hotels, Restaurants, and Leaders in the trip. It was a pleasure to work on it for them.

Now if we could just get out to Europe to try out a trip!