FileMaker Benefits

January 15, 2018

Just what are the key benefits of a FileMaker application?

Here is what FileMaker, Inc has stated is their primary benefits and focus:

1. FileMaker Cloud
Using Amazon Web Services anyone now can have cloud access to all of their data.

2. Mobility
FileMaker Go is the best tool out there for gaining mobile access to all of your data.

3. Automation & Integration
FileMaker 16 has incredible integration features now. FileMaker can communicate with anyone one the internet now.

4. Ease of Use
This has been FileMaker’s hallmark characteristic for more than 30 years.

5. Security
FileMaker has really increased their focus on security with FM16. It has always been really secure, but even more so now.

6. Performance
FileMaker has focused on the last few updates in improving speed and performance. I have seen this improvement personally. It is especially obvious in the most recent versions of Web Direct.

So these six benefits can be translated into helping your business to be more productive and profitable.