FM Licensing Konfusion!

July 27, 2017

FileMaker, Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple, is a mature organization which has been around for some 30 years.

They have a lot of licensing options; many more than are typically displayed on their website. It can be pretty confusing to find the right software licensing program for your business.

Factors to consider are not only number of machines, but types, whether desktops or iOS devices, or web browser access.

— You have to also consider both the new FileMaker License for Teams (FLT) options, or the Legacy options.
— One has to think about also if people will be connecting to FileMaker anonymously (like for conference signups on the web), or if everyone who accesses it will have a login name and password.
— Then there are the options to buy either 1, 2 or 3-year licenses.
— Then they also have license options for not-for-profit organizations.

So when it is time to buy or renew, contact us, and we will help you sort it out, so you are not purchasing the wrong license for you business needs.

Oh, did you think we spelled “Confusion” wrong, when we spelled it as “Konfusion”?
That just shows you how Konfusing all the FileMaker licensing options can be!