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FileMaker Pricing

At HighPower Data Solutions, we specialize in FileMaker Solutions for the small business owner who may think that a customized database solution is out of reach.

HighPower Data provides a variety of options to fit your budget to meet your unique business needs :

We will provide you with an estimate, which itemizes the major elements required to build your solution. Each element will be priced in hours so that you can see exactly how much each part of your project will cost. This allows you to adjust your project elements to fit your budget. We will also provide a target for completion, and for large projects, planned milestones along the way.

Our hourly service can help you, as a business owner, contact us for an hour here or there to do regular maintenance or minor projects. The HighPower Service Packages for 5, 10, 20, or more hours at a time can help you find the support that works best for you. Hourly work performed by our consultants is then deducted from your service package, giving you the peace of mind to know FileMaker support is a phone call away.

Do you have a question about how you might automate your business with FileMaker Pro? Do you just have an idea to discuss?

Feel free to contact us for a Free Consultation. We would love to meet you, have a cup of coffee together and discuss your business needs.

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We have a special heart for NFP’s. They are trying to do good in the world, usually on a limited budget. That’s why we offer a pricing discount to any NFP’s who are qualified 501C3 organizations.

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