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Why HighPower Data Solutions?

★ Certified ★

William Miller, Owner & President has been Certified by FileMaker, Inc for every version of FileMaker since version 10. That means FileMaker has affirmed that he is able to serve you well and protect your important business data.

★ Competitive ★

We provide high value for our clients consisting of quality work, good rates, and an unparalleled desire to help your business succeed.

★ Total Ownership ★

Unlike some companies who maintain a proprietary copyright on any work they may do for you, HighPower Data Solutions assures you that you will own your project, and all associated documentation when we are finished working for you.

★ A Team of Developers ★

We have a team composed of employees and professional developers who have been working together for years. Whether by phone or email, when you need us, we will be there for you. You are not alone, you have a team working for you.

Five-Part Communication Promise

1. Detailed Invoices show Work Performed & Hours Required

2. Scripts Documentation
Every script lists its Purpose, Inputs, Results, Initiating Factors, and History. This may not seem important to non-developers, but it could mean the difference in the future, between having to pay again to have the same work done, or being able to use what was written, and save time & money.

3. Regular Project Meetings
We schedule regular project meetings with you to review work & answer questions.

4. Online Task Management
We provide our clients with an on-line tool, which allows tracking of every task, and all communications associated with that task.

5. Access to your Application
If you do not have your own server, we put the application on our server so that you can actually test the application while we are working on it for you.