A Story of Plugin Crashes

January 04, 2023
vector illustration of an accident of a two cars

Why you need someone to manage your plugins for you

So here is a fairly common problem: plugins that ‘do not play well with others’. What happens in most cases, is that it causes the site to crash.

We had a client contact us because their site kept coming down. They were not sure. We discovered that a certain plugin when upgraded to the newest version would cause the site to crash.

They needed the plugin, but didn’t want the site to keep crashing. So we made use of a tool we use which manages plugins for sites. We set it to make sure that it did NOT update that particular plugin. What is cool about this tool is that it gives us granular control over what should and should not be updated. So we set all plugins to update, except one. That one, we specified to keep at its current version level.

This solved the problem. The client’s site is humming along nicely now, and they are able to make use of the plugins which they need to run the site.

Another secret weapon we have is that we setup automatic backups of the site which occur BEFORE plugins are updated. That way, if there are any issues, we can easily roll-back to the previous version of the site.

HighPower Web Design has WordPress Site Maintenance Plans which you can choose from. We can provide three different levels of oversight for your site. Check out the links above, or contact us today.

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