How to apply the Lean philosophy to your Business

I recently attended a seminar about applying the Lean process to your business. If you have not heard of Lean, it is a topic worth studying, as it can result in saving your company many, many hours of otherwise wasted production time. They identified eight types of waste which can occur in business: 1.  Transportation […]

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Save stress, time, energy and money with FileMaker Cloud.

FileMaker (Claris), Inc. has released a new product called FileMaker Cloud. This is a completely web-based version of FileMaker.   No installation necessary; just log onto your own private website to access all your company data. FileMaker Cloud is a completely web-based version of FileMaker. This will save you time and money because you will […]

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Is your website content getting blocked because of Mixed Content?

This is from the A2 hosting newsletter.  If you have a website, you will want to see this: What Is Mixed Content? Mixed content is when a web browser loads both HTTP and HTTPs (SSL-secured) content. In other words, mixed content occurs when HTML is loaded through a secure HTTPS connection, but your other content […]

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Selling Your Business?

I attended a seminar recently about business transitions. The presenter was Michelle Bonahoom of VisionOne. She said that there are some important factors to consider before selling your business. If you are in a position where you may consider selling soon, here are the factors which must be considered to maximize your return: She calls […]

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FileMaker is the Workplace Innovation Platform Leader

G2 Crowd just released its Fall 2019 Workplace Innovation Platforms Report, naming the FileMaker Platform the category leader against competitors like Airtable and the Salesforce Lightning platform. You can see the chart, get the report, and learn all about it here: FileMaker continues to grow and improve all the time. It is a great […]

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Client Featured on AlphaWeek Blog

This past month, one of our clients named Milton Lewin, of The Allocator Network, was featured in the AlphaWeek blog. This is a financially focused blog for hedge fund allocators. Milton hired us this past year to create a website to FileMaker integration for him.   First, Joseph Munson of our team, created the website, […]

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Profit First

In his entertaining book, “Profit First”, author Mike Michalowicz shares a new approach to business accounting which will help business owners to maximize their profits. Mike is the author of “The Pumpkin Plan”, a book which we recommended in one of our blog posts a few years ago. In this new book, he encourages owners to look […]

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;aptop with code on it

New FM 18 Function: While

FileMaker 18 released a new function called While. Anybody who has done any programming in the past will be familiar with the concept of this function. In fact, the While function goes all the way back to BASIC, if you are old enough to remember that.  The While function’s purpose is to perform a certain […]

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FileMaker Pro Training Class – Minneapolis Metro

HighPower Data Solutions will be offering a FileMaker Pro Training class on Wed, Jan. 8th 2020 at our offices in Champlin, MN. Wed, 9am – 3pm, with a 45-min break for lunch on your own What you will learn in the FileMaker Pro training class: Understanding of the relationships between tables, layouts and fields. Know […]

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man in an office working on Mac system

Get a S.Y.S.T.E.M. in place

A well-known acronym is SYSTEM, because it: Saves You Stress, Time, Effort, Money As Jim Collins indicated in “Good to Great“, the great companies have figured out how to systematize their processes, and then keep doing the same thing over and over again to garner success. They have developed a SYSTEM. The beautiful thing about […]

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