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New to FileMaker Pro by Claris?

For those who know nothing about FileMaker, this is a quick intro to this amazing software.

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FileMaker system image

The FileMaker S.Y.S.T.E.M.

How to incorporate systemology thinking into your business with customized software using FileMaker.

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web connectivity with many apps and FileMaker

FileMaker Connectivity: Linking FileMaker to Websites Globally

FileMaker can connect with many web services using Claris Connect

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Claris Studio Update 1.11

Summary of new changes to Claris Studio 1.11

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New Release from Claris: FileMaker 2023

FileMaker 2023 has been released! Claris has just completed a wide release of their newest and most powerful software ever! FileMaker 2023 Note the new naming convention. Claris is moving from “FileMaker 19” to “FileMaker 2023”. Here is their explanation: Why FileMaker 2023 and not FileMaker 20? As a modern technology, FileMaker will reflect modern […]

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FileMaker Update 19.4

FileMaker 19.4 is Here!

Claris’ Newest Offering in the FileMaker family builds on a solid set of releases in the version 19 space A few years back, Claris made a commitment to provide more frequent updates. Now, rather than having to wait for sometimes a year or more, they began offering releases almost every quarter. The change is most […]

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Claris, an Apple Company

FileMaker Pro by Claris, an Apple Company

Claris, the makers of FileMaker Pro, have clarified their relationship to Apple. FileMaker has been around for more than forty years. It was owned by a few different companies during its early years. One of those companies was Claris, which then changed their name to FileMaker, and a few years ago, they changed it back […]

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New Software

HighPower’s Newest Software Offerings

Two Software Products have been added to the Claris Marketplace Claris has approved the addition of two of our powerful software tools to their Claris Marketplace. If you are not aware of what this is, the Claris Marketplace (, is an international repository of top FileMaker Pro software. Last month our Freelance agency software which […]

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Release 19.3

New FileMaker Release 19.3

Claris has released a new version of FileMaker Pro. Here is a quick highlight of the new features: Apple Silicon Support FileMaker Pro is now a Universal macOS app, which takes advantage of the advanced capabilities of Mac computers with Apple silicon and also runs on Intel-based Mac computers. If you use FileMaker plug-ins or ODBC […]

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FileMaker Pro Charting Options

Charting Options in FileMaker Pro

Dashboard systems to visualize your data in FileMaker Pro It used to be that in the “old” days of FileMaker, if you want to present a chart, you only had access to FileMaker’s internal charting options. But now, you have three choices. First, you can use FileMaker’s internal charting options These have been around forever, […]

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