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Claris FileMaker and Apple

A lot of people do not realize that FileMaker, and its parent company, Claris, is a wholly-own subsidiary of Apple. That’s right, the awesome, cool-factor company of Apple owns FileMaker Pro. FileMaker has been around for decades, since some time in the 1980’s. I started using FileMaker at version 4.1 in the mid-90’s, and it […]

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Business Process Checklist

Freelance Project Software: The Business Process Checklists

Building a SYSTEM is the name of the game if you are building a business. We often use the acronym here of SYSTEM, which stands for Saves You Stress, Time, Energy & Money. One of the cool functions of Freelance Project Software is that it will help you to build a SYSTEM into your business. […]

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Cat Lawyer

What can we learn from the “I am not a cat!” lawyer video?

A hilarious video came out this week of a video deposition streamed via Zoom. One of the lawyers had a filter running on their Zoom settings which made him look like a cat. Here is the crazy video: What can we learn from this? (Aside from “Don’t let your kids play with your Zoom […]

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Worklog header

HighPower Freelance Software: The Worklog Extras

There are two parts of the Worklog which will help you gain control of your freelance agency. Worklog Part One: the Main Data Entry screen This is the primary data entry screen, which is the workhorse of the whole system. It is the primary Worklog page which tracks all the work which you and all […]

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Computer Software

HighPower Freelance Project Software: Licensing & Hosting Modules

Special project tracking options for freelance software agencies We specifically designed HighPower Freelance software to make it easy for software agencies to track their hosting & licensing data. We understand this, because we are also a software agency. We know that there is a LOT of data to track when it comes to licenses and […]

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HighPower Freelance Project Software: The Invoice Reports

Software to help you know your financial numbers! We have been using HighPower Freelance Project Software for eleven months now, and really love it. The number one rule about running your own business is that you have to make a profit, or you will be out of business. There are lots of other good things […]

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HighPower Freelance Software: The TASK Module

Never Lose an Income Opportunity Again! I want to share with you an experience which I had this week using our HighPower Freelance software. This is focused on the Task module of the software. Just as a quick refresher HighPower Freelance has a structure like this: Clients have Projects, and Projects have Tasks. A Project […]

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The Rise of Citizen Developers

A whole new type of software is allowing business owners to DIY! It used to be that if you wanted software to run your business, you really only had two choices: buy something off the shelf, or hire an expensive developer to build your own. But with the emergence of what’s called “low-code software” many […]

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FileMaker 19 is here!

We love the spring-time when the flowers bloom, the sun shines, and Claris releases a new version of FileMaker Pro! FileMaker Pro is one of the best and most amazing software development platforms out there for creating custom business applications. It has proved its worth by continuous growth and prosperity over its forty-year history! It […]

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FileMaker is Great RAD Software!

What is RAD software? It is Rapid Application Development software. Read it this way, “software that will save my company a lot of development costs because it can be built quickly”. FileMaker has always been one of the great options for rapid application software. This article ( ) lists several others in that same […]

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