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Certified by FileMaker, Inc

William T. Miller is a fully certified FileMaker developer. He has passed every certification exam since version 10. He oversees every project to ensure that your business data will be safe and protected.

FileMaker Certification is the official credential offered by FileMaker, Inc. Being a certified developer demonstrates that HighPower Data Solutions has achieved an essential level of knowledge, experience and skills in developing FileMaker solutions.

Your business data is critical to your success. Do not trust it to just anyone.

A well-designed schema for your database can provide you with the speed and scalability your business needs. Because it is easy to start with FileMaker, we have discovered that many businesses have allowed employees or un-certified developers to create their solutions, only later to find out that their system schema and structure needs a major overhaul by a certified developer to help it perform as needed. Better to start now, invest in building it well, right from the beginning.

We’ve been working with FileMaker for more than 15 years, since FM 4.1, and have received all certifications from FileMaker since version 10. Contact us today and let’s talk about your business needs.

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