Data Connectivity

FileMaker Online Data Solutions

You need data connectivity!

What do we mean by that?

We have noticed that many businesses are using multiple software programs that cannot easily communicate with each other.

Sometimes a business will enter their data into Excel. Then, a Sales Person needs that data for follow-up. The Secretary will find that information, open up Outlook, cut and paste the data into Outlook and email it to the Sales Person. Next, the Sales Person opens his/her email client and copies and pastes that information into their CRM software. Then when the Prospect becomes a Customer, and makes purchase, their data is entered (now for the third time) into the Sales Order and Invoicing program, perhaps by the Bookkeeper, which may or may not connect to QuickBooks. The company may also be using DropBox to share files, or possibly BaseCamp for projects.

This scenario means business owners are paying a Secretary, a Salesperson, an Accountant to enter the same data.

HighPower Data Solutions can automate your data connectivity, so that you can stop wasting money and start saving cash. Contact us today.