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Enjoy the continuous play of ENIGMA.

Databases are everwhere … even games. This is a word-game demonstration developed using FileMaker Pro and playable with FileMaker Pro or on the iPad using the free FileMaker Go App. The goal is to guess a secret word by deduction, using clues provided from previous guesses. Type a 5-letter word to get started.


Can be played without limit
There are three difficulty levels, plus a ‘mystery’ (random) level
It has a scoring system based on the wisdom of your guesses
A log of scoring penalties can be viewed
A random ‘starter word’ can be generated for your first guess
Choose to restrict your entries to correctly spelled words, or not

Desktop Installation

  • Assuming that you have a copy of FileMaker Pro …
  • Download the Enigma app to any folder you prefer
  • You can open it by double-clicking or by selecting it
    from the ‘FileMaker Open’ window

iPad Installation

  • On your iPad, download the Enigma app and save it
    in the “Files” folder
  • On the main screen of your iPad, select the App Store icon
  • Search for “go 19”
  • Download the free App “Claris FileMaker Go 19”
  • When FileMaker Go opens, click on the Download icon
    in the upper-right corner
  • Select the Enigma app in your Files folder
  • The game should just open.

Fun is a six letter word!
Purchase Enigma now and
test your deduction skills
in this addicting, continues
play, word game.