FileMaker Pro Hosting Options

woman standing next to servers for hosting looking at a laptop

1. Self-Hosting

You provide your own hosting. Next, using your FileMaker Server license, you set up your own server box, and make sure the correct ports are open. In addition, you are responsible for patches, updates, and security.


2. Third-Party FileMaker Hosting – Self-Managed

You secure hosting through a third-party service, whom we can recommend to you. Then, you purchase the service from them. After that, you will be responsible for payment, license updates, SSL security, and any needs/update requests from the company.


3. HighPower Data Server Concierge Service

You hire HighPower Data Solutions to manage all aspects of your FileMaker Pro hosting. Next, we take care of setting up your FM Hosting. Also, we will make sure there is enough storage, security, and that you are enjoying the latest versions of FileMaker Server and any update patches that come along.

We will make the best determination, in consultation with you, as to which hosting service will best suite your needs. The options are:


Third-party FileMaker Hosting

HighPower manages all aspects of this for you. Contact us for pricing.


FileMaker Cloud Hosting

This is Amazon Web Hosting (AWS). Likewise, costs will vary depending upon: Server Speed, Storage & RAM usage, Monthly Data Transfers. AWS handles all backups.


HighPower Data Hosting

For some clients, we feel it is best to provide hosting at our company offices located near Minneapolis. In this case, we handle all aspects of setup, security, offsite backups, and license upgrades.


Whatever you choose, we will be available to answer questions and provide guidance.