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Here at HighPower Data Solutions we pride ourselves on creating professional FileMaker products to help individuals run their businesses more efficiently and easily. View our FileMaker products below to check out the software solutions that are available for your business. Or contact us to find out how we can create a custom FileMaker business solution just for you.


Symphony Server Manager

Symphony Server Manager is a FileMaker app designed to track and manage any number of FileMaker and web servers. Save dozens of data points, such as OS and hardware specs, hosting providers, FMS Admin credentials, server versions, FileMaker licenses, SSL certificates and more. Retrieve and change FileMaker Server configuration settings directly from Symphony. From the list view, easily find the server you’re looking for in seconds.

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Power up your Business with PowerStart.

Developed by certified FileMaker developers, PowerStart is a free CRM template that is designed to be customizable to your specific needs. It is a complete software package to help you track and run all aspects of your business! With PowerStart free CRM you can track: Companies, Contacts, Estimates, Jobs, Invoices, Inventory and Staff.

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HighPower Freelance

Grow your Freelancing Business by keeping track of your projects and keeping your clients happy. Never drop the ball again . Stay on top of all tasks, all projects, and al your clients’ needs. Powered by FileMaker Pro, HighPower Freelance Software for Freelancers manages the details so you can focus on being creative. Key modules include: Business Dashboard, Client Data, Project Management, Task Detailing, Proposal Generation, Invoicing, Worklogging, Software Focus: Licensing & Hosting

FileMaker Pro Software Licenses

Get individual, volume, annual, perpetual, and site licenses for FileMaker, along with web connections for web or mobile data access!

FileMaker Cloud

FileMaker Cloud

FileMaker Cloud is a completely web-based version of FileMaker. This will save you time and money because you no longer have to purchase separate hosting. Your license includes both the cost of your FileMaker license key, and FileMaker Hosting.

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Easy Apps! Digital Book

Easy Apps: How to Make Money Selling Applications made with FileMaker Pro
Easy Apps! is a book for anyone who has an interest in commercializing and selling an application made with FileMaker.

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XL Success Tools

You already know how to run your business. Now you want to grow and expand your business. XL Success Tools software will help you to get a handle on your business with a suite of tools which will help you to plan, market, and grow your business. Starting with the Six Elements of Business Success, a whole suite of tools and powerful analytical questions are available for you to really think about your business and plan out its next stages of growth.

HighPower Data Suite

The HighPower Data Business Software Suite combines modules for customers, products, and invoices into one beautiful database software package which is a joy to behold, and use. With ease of use, simplicity, power, and clean lines surrounded by a distinctive interface, you will enjoy managing your business using the HighPower Business Software Suite. This is a starter solution so that you can customize this software to suit your individual business needs. Contact us today for more information.