FileMaker Speed Tips

Is your FileMaker running too slow? Are you losing valuable time while waiting for your software to catch up? If so, let us share with you some Top Tips to get your software working at peak efficiency.


FileMaker Pro is a great tool and pretty easy to use.  Because it is so easy to use a lot of people have developed their own systems using FileMaker.  However, as those systems have grown, things have slowed down considerably.  Now trying to make a change in FileMaker can be a painfully slow process.

We can fix that.

As certified developers of FileMaker Pro for every version since version 10, we know FileMaker. We understand the key elements of building a successful relationship graph and creating calculation fields which do not slow down your whole system.



  1.  Unstored Calcs

Excessive use of unstored calculations will kill your system. We have seen FileMaker tables created by non-certified developers in which 30%(!) of the fields were unstored calculations. The problem with unstored calcs is that any time data is changed, or a layout is entered which displays an unstored calc, many behind-the-scenes calculations must be run to update the field contents. And because it is ‘unstored’, it happens again and again, every time something changes. This places a serious hit on the CPU, and will slow down your whole system. You might want to blame FileMaker, but it is actually the developer’s fault for building it wrong.

  1.  Summary Fields

Like unstored calcs, summary fields are calculated on the fly, based on the changing found count of the selected record set. Judicious use of these field types is required. The question must be asked if it is really necessary to show this Summary field on this layout OR is there a better use for such a powerful field.

There are eight more tips to speed up your FileMaker, and we are happy to share them with you for free.
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Top Tips to Speed Up FileMaker

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