FileMaker Success Stories

Find out more about the software developed by HighPower Data Solutions with these FileMaker success stories and reviews.

Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College

Fond du Lac College, Cloquet, MN — Modern FileMaker technology can be used to preserve ancient languages. We were contacted by the Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College up in Cloquet, MN to help them with an “Ojibwe Language Preservation Project”. The Ojibwe Tribe is one of the many tribes native to Minnesota. They want to pass along their language to the next generation. So they have over 2 TBs (eventually 6 TBs) of audio and video of native Ojibwe speakers teaching the language. They wanted to create an easy way for others to access it. So we have created a site for them which uses FileMaker’s Web Direct technology.

Rambow Company Logo

Rambow, New London, MN — This printing and design company had a system in place, but it had a gap which required them to use paper records (see photo below). HighPower helped them fill in the missing link by creating a digital solution for their records. Now their system is complete and their records are 100% digital.

“We are fully into our paperless screen-printing system. It’s a great time to do this. It’s faster. We don’t have to search for index cards anymore. Way less hassle. It pulls up the card immediately.”

Scott Rambow,
General Manager

File system before FileMaker:

Northern Dewatering Inc., Rogers, MN — One of our recent satisfied customers.

“We replaced a very old database with a custom app to handle ordering, shipping, and returning equipment to and from job sites. This has helped incredibly with accurate job site and yard (warehouse) inventory and also with much more accurate billing.”

Mike McShane,
Director for Information Technology

DIGnGO Gourmet Bike Tours, Switzerland — DIGnGO provides a wonderful experience for their clients who spend a week biking with them in some of the most scenic places in Europe, including Italy, France and Spain.

They had a problem, however. It was a massive task to coordinate all the guests, leaders, hotels, restaurants, and special events for each trip. They were spending a lot of time sending out many multiples of emails for every event. They had to collect all the forms, payments, purchases, deposits, etc. from both guests and leaders. They had to coordinate advance payments to hotels and restaurants.

They contacted HighPower Data and we built them a business automation tool from scratch. We call it Odyssey, and it coordinates every aspect of the trip. It tracks Trips, Leaders, Hotels, Guests, Bikes, Restaurants, & Events. It sends out coordinated emails on schedule. It also is linked to their website so when a guest is interested in a trip, it takes them to a booking form, which automatically registers them into the database for the trip they want.

Coordinated technologies: FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, Email, Web Direct, and URL schemes to tie in to their website.

FileMaker Integration

Compass Light Productions, Camden, ME — This travel video company was looking for an easy way to track their inventory, by using a Check-in & Check-out system created in FileMaker. We made this for them using a combination of color-coding, popover windows, and script triggers to make a very slick system which tracks, counts, and reports on their inventory.

Nimlok Minnesota, St. Paul, MN “We engaged HighPower Data to integrate a FileMaker database application used by our Operations Department with QuickBooks. HighPower developed an amazing connector that imports into QuickBooks all new jobs with their estimates and all purchase orders issued on those jobs. This completely eliminates the need for Accounting to set up new clients and jobs. It also means that all vendor invoices now have a valid purchase order to be received against in QuickBooks. And it means that every job can now be managed in QuickBooks because we can track the actual costs and revenue for each job against its estimate. Invoice preparation time was also reduced to almost nothing; we just import the invoice from FileMaker, add sales tax and freight, and send it off. Our accountant can now get done in 30 hours a week what previously didn’t get done in 50. Our invoicing will now involve pushing one button.”

Roger Scherping,
General Manager

eMusicQuest, Lansdale, PA — An online library of almost one million pieces of classical music. We integrated a FileMaker Web Direct search screen to the users web page. It also tracks their IP address so that the clients can be billed per usage.

Arnold Lumber

Arnold Lumber, West Kingston, RI — We integrated FileMaker with SQL mainline database to provide a daily “Flash Report” of sales for them.

Resort Town Lodgings, Breckeneridge, CO — We integrated FileMaker with Mailchimp to provide daily synchronization between their various mailing lists.

Skinner Surgical — Integrated FileMaker with Apple’s Address Book to provide synchronization between desktop & iPhone/iPad on the road.

Recent Clients

LifeLab Database Manager — One of the premiere tissue-banking software applications for doctors and other health professionals. The project involved moving a multi-file solution from FileMaker 11 to FileMaker 13, and upgrading all aspects of interface, reporting, and the upgrade process. The project required more than 600 hours of work.

Stock Trader Application — This is an application developed for a client who wanted to check his stocks and other financial assets in real-time. We created a real-time stock matrix for quickly viewing any ten stocks at a time. The matrix could quickly be assigned Stocks, Futures and FOREX assets with a click of the filter button. He would track performance, capture Quality Zones, set them as Demand or Supply Zones, and then record results in the Journal Results. It has many more features and involved 300 hours of work.

University of Toronto, Canada — “Great first experience with HighPower Data Solutions! The experience was quick, easy, and overall well done. I will definitely be a returning customer!”

University of Toronto

Meridith Baer Home, South Gate, CA — This is a beautiful iPad solution which designers use on-site to stage homes.

Minnesota Field Trip Library, Minneapolis, MN — This was an iPad and web project. MNFTL needed to allow their customers find their site on the web or iPad and sign up for their various conferences. The data they entered was automatically added to their contact list (after some proofing). We also linked in his Square account so people could make their purchases at the same time they registered. This was all coordinated by the FileMaker master file.

“Bill certainly responded efficiently to my needs and requirements for a remote site that could be used at conferences and trade shows to collect and manage data that attendees key in by themselves. You are helping me take my marketing and promotional services to the next higher level… I have already heard many good comments from my clients! Thanks, Bill. Money well spent.”

Mark Peterson,
Minnesota Field Trip Library

Solutions for Printing Companies

The Advance Press, Georgia, USA — This printing company based in Georgia needed to have their customer labels printed up automatically in a very particular order, following the City Codes and Walk Sequences required by the local post office. They also needed to track and print up subscription renewals.

StarPress, Canada — This project involved providing WebDirect access for their customers. Customers log into the StarPress site, enter their account information and place their order.

PressWrite, St. Louis Park, MN — This was an upgrade project where we created a web direct interface for their customers to login to their account from a web browser and place their order directly online. It is all processed with a FileMaker backend.

Lone Star Aggregators, Houston, TX “I created a database for my company but, due to my dire lack of skills, I couldn’t complete the project. Some developers I contacted refused the job because it was ‘too small’ a project. Mr. Miller was courteous from our first contact. He determined my needs and quickly had my database up and running. The result is a user-friendly database that exactly fits our needs. We wholeheartedly recommend HighPower Data!”

Debi McLoughlin,
Lone Star Aggregators LLC

North Highlands Bible Church

North Highlands Bible Church, Dallas, TX “HighPower Data Solutions finished a project for me in no time that has empowered me to accomplish a normally burdensome task in no time and with accuracy.”

Aaron Parish,
North Highlands Bible Church

Global Auto Processing Services, Port Hueneme, CA — Car insurance scripted reporting solution.

GreCon MidWest Logo

GreCon Midwest, Long Lake, MN — This solution was developed for a Fire Prevention company with the following tables: Customers, Estimates, Invoices, Products. The following features were also added:

  • Quick Quotation
  • Easy Estimator
  • Proposal Generator

Other Projects

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