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FileMaker SUPER-FIND! Training

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How to Find Anything in Your FileMaker SYSTEM Using Advanced Find Features

Webinar Topics:

    1. Standard Find
      • All available built-in search options in FileMaker
      • Scripted Find vs. Built-in Find Mode
      • How to use FileMaker’s built-in options
    2. Find on any field
      • How to use FileMaker’s universal find function
      • How to search on any visible field in your layout
    3. How to find when something is NOT there
      • Sometimes you need to find out when something has NOT been completed. How is that done?
    4. How to find on Date fields
      • Date fields have a special format, which requires a unique search methodology.
    5. How to find on checkbox or radio box fields
      • These fields are special and can be a bit tricky to search on.
    6. Advanced Finds
      • FileMaker has many advanced features as its Find Superpower.
      1. How to find using AND logic
      2. How to find using OMIT logic
    7. Special Cases
      • Searching in portals
      • Searching in related fields
      • Searching in unstored calc fields
      • Search for on container fields. (How to use container meta-data).

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