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Here at HighPower Data Solutions we pride ourselves on creating professional FileMaker products to help individuals run their businesses more efficiently and easily. View our FileMaker products below to check out the software solutions that are available for your business. Or contact us here about the possibility of having us create a custom FileMaker business solution just for you.


FileMaker Development

FileMaker Pro Development

FileMaker Pro app development software has been around for more than 30 years and is used by millions of people around the world. It is a workplace innovation platform, and it allows businesses to create custom software applications.  Because of FileMaker’s amazing power and versatility, HighPower Data Solutions uses FileMaker Pro as their primary tool to create beautiful and functional business system applications.
Using FileMaker Pro, HighPower can build you a business SYSTEM computer application, which will:

Business Automation

Business Automation Consultation Services

We offer a FREE one-hour business automation review. We will interview you concerning your data workflow practices and discern any trouble areas.
Data Conversion

Data Conversion Services

Many offices are still using a large amount of paper to track, schedule, record, and update. We can create a digital, clean, eco-friendly office environment which will speed up workflow, improve find and search capabilities, and save on archiving costs and space. We can provide a data conversion strategy that is custom fit for your needs.


Introducing the $99 FileMaker Tuneup Inspection

Introducing the $99 FileMaker Tuneup Inspection. We will inspect your FileMaker for the most common mistakes often made in FileMaker development, provide a scorecard indicating the overall health of your application, and make recommendations for steps you can take to mitigate any immediate or potential long-term problems with your application.


Support Services

HighPower Data Solutions provides a variety of FileMaker Support Services to make your life easier and to provide peace for the times when urgent FileMaker help is needed.

FileMaker Pro Training Icon

FileMaker Pro Training

Dr. William Miller, Certified FileMaker developer, has over 20 years of FileMaker experience. His work is focused on creating custom business applications for many different industries. These numerous stand-alone applications are sold to users all around the world. Moreover, William was even hired by the Minnesota Department of Corrections’ MINNCOR Industries to provide FileMaker Pro training to their staff.

FileMaker Mentoring

FileMaker Pro Mentoring

High Power Data Solutions offers FileMaker Mentoring to help you learn this powerful tool.
Rate is charged by the hour.

HighPower Web Design

Our experienced team of talented designers and programmers will work with you to create a world-class website that will capture the intended audience and encourage positive viewer response. Check out our web design and development service on our Design site.

FileMaker Hosting

FileMaker Hosting

HighPower Data Solutions takes the hassle and confusion out of FileMaker Hosting with our concierge FileMaker Pro Hosting Service.

We will handle the hosting setup, ensure there is enough storage and security, and make sure you are enjoying the latest versions of FileMaker Server as well as any update patches that come along.

HighPower Web Hosting

HighPower Data Solutions offers “Concierge Web Hosting Services”  – We handle the details and headaches, so you can focus on what you do best.

Improve FileMaker Performace

Many businesses struggle with slow FileMaker performance. Sometimes it’s poor coding but often it’s due to positive influences like business growth that is larger than your current app was created for. No matter the reason, if you are struggling with a loss of performance it’s time for a solution. So what can you do about it?

Top Ten Tips to Speed Up FileMaker

Is your FileMaker running too slow? Are you losing valuable time while waiting for your software to catch up? If so, let us share with you some Top Tips to get your software working at peak efficiency.