The Great Resignation & Your Business

October 30, 2021
William Miller
The Great Resignation

How using FileMaker Pro can help you avoid the loss of valuable employees

Recent studies have reported the following trends across America:

• Professionals are not excited to go back to the office: 34% of workers who were remote are not excited about returning to the office, compared to 24% who are.

• Remote work has become highly valued for some: Among those who are not excited about returning to the office, 24% would be willing to take a pay cut to work remotely, and 35% would consider it.

• The return to the office is fueling some of The Great Resignation: 17% of professionals that were working remotely during the pandemic would probably or definitely consider looking for another job if they have to go back to the office. This represents 9 million workers.

What this means is that if you cannot provide a work-at-home option for you staff, it is very likely that you will lose some quality employees. These employees may represent years of training which you have invested in them. And you might see that walk out the door unless you can accommodate the new desires so many workers have to work from home.

Thankfully, we have FileMaker Pro to help us solve this problem, and to keep and retain quality workers.


With FileMaker Pro, you can connect securely

FileMaker Pro has the ability to let your office, admin, sales, and marketing people all login directly to your office CRM or ERP system right from home. And this is as easy as launching the software from their desktop. There is no need to figure out confusing VPN or Remote PC management software. FileMaker Pro from Claris contains its own secure, built-in system to remotely open your company files in a secure environment, with full SSL protection. This means all interactions from your office to your remote workers and back are encrypted with top-level protocols.

With FileMaker Pro, each employee can access their own accounts & information

Just as though you were in the office, each employee can see their accounts, and only their accounts. Whatever sort of account privileges you have established at the office can be available to your employees from home. For example, if office admin doesn’t need to see pricing, then that can be hidden. Or if each salesperson should only see their accounts and not the accounts and commissions of other sales people, that too can be protected.

With FileMaker Pro, Employees can be just as productive as in the office

This is because when they open FileMaker Pro at home, using the application, they have the exact same experience interacting with the software as they would in the office. Since FileMaker has its own secure method for linking to its file, there is no need to use a remote PC software, Citrix, or anything like that. Instead of working “in a tunnel” using a secondary piece of software to access their FileMaker file, they can just use FileMaker itself. This speeds productivity and makes for a much nicer environment. They can work well, and fast, and do better for your company.

With FileMaker Pro, your managers can monitor work and performance remotely

If there is concern that there is no way to track productivity, you can rest easy. It can be done. Because FileMaker is a blank slate when it comes to application development, you can basically build almost anything you dream of. So if you need dashboards to show in real-time who is logged in, and what they are working on, that can be done with FileMaker Pro. Since the great pandemic, we at HighPower Data Solutions have had all our developers working from home. We have not seen any decrease in productivity. In fact, we have seen an increase because of no time lost in commuting. We know this because we have real-time logging built into our Freelance Software. (

FileMaker Pro offers some great benefits to any business who wants to retain their most valuable employees. It doesn’t matter what the reasons may be, whether it is wanting to stay safe, or avoiding a long commute, or just wanting to work from home, you can now accommodate those needs, using FileMaker Pro and see the same (or better!) level of productivity from your workers.

Download a free copy of FileMaker Pro from today, and then contact us when you want to buy a license or build a remote work system. We can build a SYSTEM for you that Saves You Stress, Time, Energy & Money.