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Dr. William Miller, CEO
Certified FileMaker Developer

Author of the FileMaker Book:
Easy Apps!

HighPower Data Solutions

Your Minneapolis FileMaker Software Developer

HighPower Data Solutions is a Minneapolis FileMaker software developer that serves clients locally, as well as around the world.  We have provided services for people in England, China, Tanzania, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Denmark, Hong Kong, Canada and the US. With over 20 years experience in creating custom data solutions, we use the awesome capabilities of FileMaker Pro to help your business develop data connections that work for any size business.

William Miller has been creating custom data solutions for more than 20 years, using the awesome capabilities of FileMaker Pro. Starting in the paleolithic era with FM 4.1, through to the amazing upgrade to the FM 7 system formats, to the glorious FM 13, and now on to the abilities of FM 19 and beyond, it’s really getting awesome.

Current solutions are being sold to people all over the USA and ten countries around the world.

William is a Certified FileMaker Developer who regularly attends the Claris Engage Conference. Also, he is the author of the FileMaker book Easy Apps, which gives detailed instructions on how to create and sell applications with FileMaker.

Our team consists of employees and independent developers who have been working together for years to provide great FileMaker solutions for our clients.


Project Manager

Noah is a project manager that focuses on FileMaker and web projects. He has worked with a team of developers to bring many clients’ requests from a simple idea into a functioning application. In addition, he is in charge of and performs quality assurance testing for HighPower’s projects.



Senior FileMaker Engineer

Matt has been building FileMaker solutions from scratch (and improving existing solutions) for over 20 years, dating back to FileMaker 5.5. In more recent years, he has been connecting FileMaker to dozens of web APIs, including Amazon Web Services, QuickBooks Online, WordPress, Slack and others. He has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and an eye for detail that empowers him to build powerful and intuitive solutions that users love. Matt has an empathetic worldview when it comes to the often frustrating relationship we humans have with computers, and has a real heart for helping the average user cope (and thrive) with the modern day computer.
Skills: FileMaker Pro Development, FileMaker Server Administration, cURL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript



FileMaker Engineer

Gary is a FileMaker Engineer with years of experience in making custom solutions across many different industries. Gary has also developed iOS applications currently available on the Apple App Store. Integrating FileMaker solutions with any third-party API, Gary develops solutions that fit the need of any business.
Skills: Filemaker, API integration, Swift, C#

Dave Moyer


FileMaker Engineer

Dave first started working with FileMaker 2 in the early 1990’s, evolving into the sole FileMaker developer for two fulfillment companies and integrating FileMaker with external partners using EDI, REST, SQL, and web services.

Skills: EDI, REST, SQL, and certifications for FileMaker 14 and 18.
His other interests include finer woodworking, welding and mechatronics.


FileMaker Engineer

Robert, a long time team member, is the mastermind behind the well-received MagicBase Integrated Marketing software developed as a FileMaker runtime. He is responsible for various FileMaker projects and updates.

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FileMaker Engineer

Mike has been creating FileMaker workflow automation solutions since version 1.0.  He builds new applications from the ground up, modifies existing/legacy systems, and integrates FileMaker with other systems via JSON, XML, XSLT, plugins and API’s.

Formerly employed by industry greats Microsoft, Apple (Claris), and The Walt Disney Company maintaining, developing, and promoting FileMaker solutions.


FileMaker Engineer

Jeff has been developing FileMaker solutions for over 15 years through roles as an in-house developer as well as through consultancy. He began his career as a third-grade teacher; from there he became a Systems Administrator, General Manager, Systems Engineer, Technical Analyst, Process Improvement Specialist, Director of Technology, Senior Support Engineer, and FileMaker Engineer.

During the pandemic in 2020, Jeff formed a nonprofit called the TEK Collaborative. Together with some strategic partners, the organization provides laptops and Chromebooks free of charge to at-risk communities throughout New England. Their mission is to promote digital equity in our communities by closing the digital divide through Technology, Education, and Kindness (TEK).


Senior Full-Stack Web Engineer


Full-Stack Web Engineer


Office Manager

HighPower Data Solutions – A Minneapolis FileMaker software developer that serves clients locally, as well as around the world.