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Dr. William Miller

Your FileMaker Consulting & Development Service

Although based in Minneapolis, MN, we serve clients around the world as well as the St.Paul-Minneapolis Metro area. We have provided services for people in England, China, Tanzania, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Denmark, Hong Kong, Canada and the US. With over 20 years experience in creating custom data solutions, we use the awesome capabilities of FileMaker Pro to help your business develop data connections that work for any size business.

William Miller has been creating custom data solutions for more than 20 years, using the awesome capabilities of FileMaker Pro. Starting in the paleolithic era with FM 4.1, through to the amazing upgrade to the FM 7 system formats, to the glorious FM 13 with all of its awesome graphical and charting capabilities, and now on to the abilities of FM18 and beyond.

Current solutions are being sold to people all over the USA and ten countries around the world.

William is a Certified FileMaker Developer who regularly attends the international FileMaker Developers Conference. Also, he is the author of the FileMaker book Easy Apps, which gives detailed instructions on how to create and sell applications with FileMaker.

Our team consists of employees and independent developers who have been working together for years to provide great FileMaker solutions for our clients.


FileMaker Engineer

Ben is a FileMaker Engineer at HighPower Data. He develops quality FileMaker solutions from scratch, maintains and updates existing solutions, and integrates FileMaker with third-party software using API’s. He also helps maintain our servers, manages the backups, and runs the monthly newsletter.

Skills: C++, Java, Javascript, Visual Basic, FileMaker


Web Engineer

Joseph is a Web Engineer who specializes in building custom websites and applications. He works with the front end as well as the back end of web applications. He is able to produce high quality solutions from bottom up, as well as fix and add features to existing sites.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, WordPress


Web Engineer

Taylor is a web developer who is currently working with WordPress and front-end development. Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, C/C++.


FileMaker Engineer

Noah has created FileMaker solutions from scratch, has provided on going FM maintenance, as well as implemented various plugins and tools to extend the functionality of FileMaker.

Skills: FileMaker

Deb Koren

Office Manager

Deb handles billing, invoices and payroll. She also handles some aspects of customer service and questions. If you call our office, hers is the happy voice you hear on the other end of the line.


FileMaker Engineer

Robert, a long time team member, is the mastermind behind the well-received MagicBase Integrated Marketing software developed as a FileMaker runtime. He is responsible for various FileMaker projects and updates.

Click here for more information about Robert

Skills: FileMaker, Runtimes and Stand-alone apps


FileMaker QuickBooks Integration

Sean is a QuickBooks integration expert. He has integrated FileMaker and QuickBooks for many customers. He is fast, efficient, and gets the job done right. Sean has worked with FileMaker for years, and is an excellent FileMaker developer in his own right. He has also attended the international FileMaker Developers Conference many times to improve and extend his abilities.


Business Growth Specialist

Henry works part time as our business growth specialist. He enjoys taking on and accomplishing new tasks.

Skills: Google AdWords, Sales, MailChimp, Social Media management and WordPress.

Alan Smith

FileMaker Developer

Alan is a FileMaker developer. He also develops FileMaker solutions for several small businesses in Austin, TX and remote. He has recently been studying Full Stack Development with an emphasis on Javascript and React for FileMaker integration projects. Skills: FileMaker Pro, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Tenzin Dhargye

Website Engineer

Tenzin is a Full Stack Web Developer who specializes in both front and back end. He is able to produce high quality products using many different tools. Familiar with front end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JS, and BootStrap. Back end technologies such as Java, PHP, Python, and SQL. Can work with any frameworks for programming language listed. Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, PHP, Python, React, CodeIgniter, Flask, SpringBoot