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HighPower Data Solutions provides customized solutions for connecting desktop, web and mobile data for businesses using FileMaker Pro relational database technology.

Every small business faces challenges when it comes to keeping and updating the large amounts of data needed to succeed. As you are managing large amounts of data, it’s can be easy to feel overwhelmed or get behind in keeping track of your business, your clients, and your finances. You need tools that can streamline your data, connect through different applications and have the ability to take your business on the road.

That’s where we come in. HighPower Data Solutions believes that there is a better way to run your business. HighPower Data can help you automate your business. As a company that specializes in software development using FileMaker Pro, we will help you convert your paper-based system to a digital relational database, develop FileMaker apps that streamline your data, and help you incorporate systems that make doing business a breeze.

What is Filemaker?

What Is FileMaker?

Your data needs to talk to each other. What do we mean by that? Businesses, just like yours, are managing data with multiple software and files. FileMaker can help you organize your data and transform your business. With a custom FileMaker solution, you can automate the tasks you perform everyday….

We serve the world image

We serve the World from Minneapolis with FileMaker Solutions

The thought of transitioning from paper files to digital can be overwhelming for any business. You need a FileMaker consultant in Minneapolis…

File Maker Pro Services

FileMaker Pro Services

We help businesses, just like yours, start automating the things they do on an everyday basis. Our FileMaker services include business automation consulting, custom data solutions, FileMaker hosting, website development, mobile solutions, and more…

Success Stories

Success Stories

Rambow, New London, MN– This printing and design company had a system in place, but it had a gap which required them to use paper records. HighPower helped them fill in the missing link by creating a digital solution for their records. Now their system is complete and their records are 100% digital…….


“This new FMP 18 is amazing!  It’s much more efficient and I am able to complete tasks in less than half the time.  Thanks again for all your help.”
– John Money, Auditors Recovery Service

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