April 18, 2017

FileMaker is a great tool to create dashboards. By gathering your key performance indicators (KPI’s) into one location, a dashboard can be an effective way for managers and owners to instantly evaluate the success of the business.

A dashboard is a business intelligence tool which summarizes key data across the company and across a time period to present the status of various divisions within the company. Unlike the typical transactional report which will show you what client ordered what product or service, a dashboard is an aggregating tool which views a selectable span of time, so that the manager can view trends and make smart decisions because of it.

The data can be presented visually as pie, line, or bar charts. It can present straight numbers summarized over the selected time-span. Examples would be for a printer who wants to know the productivity of each of his three shifts of workers (pages printed, waste levels created, etc.). Or it could be a rental company that wants to know what percentage of all of their available inventory is in use and rented during any span of time.

Using your data and FileMaker’s tools, HighPower Data can build a dashboard for you.