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FileMaker Go 18

Just a reminder that whenever FileMaker (now Claris International) releases a new version of FileMaker software, they always release a matching copy of FileMaker Go. FileMaker Pro is on a yearly release cycle, so every May or June, you can expect to download and install a new copy of your powerful and beautiful FileMaker Pro […]

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Mobile Tools in the Wild

Some of the most exciting products to make are the mobile tools, iPad or iPhone apps, which can be used to conduct business in out-of-office locations, like on-site at a client’s business, or even out in the field for some construction, oil well, or vineyard apps which we have created. To be able to take […]

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The Perform Script On Server (PSOS) is one of the most useful tools which FileMaker, Inc has created to enhance the mobile web experience. Just this past month, we had another reason to use it, and I am again thankful that FileMaker, Inc added it way back in version 13. There are a number of scripts […]

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Going Mobile is No Longer Optional

Gone are the days when you can build an app and give no thought to mobile. Since most usage today is on a tablet or a phone, every application is going to need to take this into consideration. The question is not whether or not your users will access on a mobile device; the question […]

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FileMaker Go Hits 4 Million Downloads!

FileMaker announced recently that there have been 4 million downloads of their mobile application, FM Go! on the iTunes App Store. This is really an amazing number. This shows the incredible interest people and business have in having mobile access to their data. What is amazing about FileMaker is its great versatility as a platform. […]

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Can You Use Desktop Layouts on Mobile?

The answer to that question is a solid “yes” and “no”. Yes, usually, a desktop layout will kind of work on the iPad. But because desktop layouts are not optimized for touch, the user experience can be pretty poor. The reason is mainly because of the size of the fields and buttons. When clicking by […]

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Time Card App for Construction Workers

A nice mobile app we designed recently, let’s construction workers log into the job while they are out in the field. Now any worker with a phone, whether iPhone or Android, can open up their phone, and “clock in” on the job. It is very cool. They tap on the special home screen button which […]

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iOS Notifications in FileMaker 17

FileMaker 17 has a cool new feature for users of FileMaker Go. It is called iOS Notifications. We are all familiar with the ability of iOS apps to deliver notifications to us when certain requested conditions are met. But until FM17, it was not possible to do that with FileMaker. But now we can. This […]

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Case Study: Time Card App

Recently HighPower Data Solutions completed a Time Card Application for a construction company. Here was the need: the capability for about 30 people to log in on their phones, and have those hours immediately linked into the main business application so that they could not only track payroll for each day, but also track the […]

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Mobile Signature Capture

An overlooked feature of FileMaker on the iPad or iPhone is the ability to capture a signature from a customer on the spot and have it stored in the system. This can be a great tool for businesses which send out their techs into the field to do work. When the work is completed, the […]

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