Mobile Tools in the Wild

July 30, 2019

Some of the most exciting products to make are the mobile tools, iPad or iPhone apps, which can be used to conduct business in out-of-office locations, like on-site at a client’s business, or even out in the field for some construction, oil well, or vineyard apps which we have created.

To be able to take your data with you onsite, gives you great power over the competition. Here’s how. Let’s say you have a business where you visit with clients in their home or place of business. They want to know how much your services will cost them, so you need to be able to create a proposal or bid right on the spot. But many times this will need you to know the cost of all the parts, inventory, labor, service calls, delivery, etc. But if you have an integrated FileMaker solution which draws directly from your current inventory and prices, then you can build that proposal on the spot, with all the accurate pricing you need. When you select your product or service from the ‘inventory’ drop-down, your proposal SYSTEM will pull in the current cost of that good or service. If you have standing inventory requirements, it can immediately let you know whether or not the product is in stock. (Nothing like telling a customer you can get a certain product and then have to call back later when you are in the office, to tell them that actually you are out of stock and it is on back order for the next two weeks!)

Then you can present the complete proposal to your potential customer on the spot. If they like it, you tap one button to bring up the signature of acceptance page. They sign on the spot with their finger on the iPad, and you walk away with a new sale and a nice commission!

That is the beauty of taking mobile tools out into the field. And why do we call it a Proposal SYSTEM? Because it will Save You Stress Time Energy & Money!