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HighPower Freelance Software

HighPower Freelance is a new and powerful project management and CRM software for freelance agencies.

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Grow with HighPower Freelance Software

Let Your Business Grow with HighPower Freelance Software

Your business system can be your number one bottleneck to growth. I purposefully used the phrase “let your business grow” rather than “help your business grow”. Here’s why; a healthy business should grow; that is what it does. If you are providing a good product or service, are treating your customers right, and have a […]

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Business Value

How FileMaker can make your business more valuable

When it is time to sell your business, FileMaker can help you to get a bigger payday! There comes a time when every entrepreneur thinks of selling his or her business. After all, you have put in tons of blood, sweat, and tears into your business. It is natural to hope that someday you can […]

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HighPower Freelance Software: The Dashboard, Part Two

An Awesome New Tool which uses FileMaker Pro to power your business! Last week we took a look at the Business Dashboard of HighPower Freelance software. Here is a screen pic of it: The three graphs at the bottom have already been explained last week. The top section contains some key numeric data which you, […]

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3 Freelancing Tips

The Three Essentials for Freelancing and how HighPower Freelance Software can Help

These three actions must be done, or you are out of business Anyone who runs a freelancing business must not only know these three things, but execute them very effectively. Basically, you need to know it, and you need to do it. Without these three, you do not have a freelance service. 1. Every Freelancer […]

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Business Process Checklist

Freelance Project Software: The Business Process Checklists

Building a SYSTEM is the name of the game if you are building a business. We often use the acronym here of SYSTEM, which stands for Saves You Stress, Time, Energy & Money. One of the cool functions of Freelance Project Software is that it will help you to build a SYSTEM into your business. […]

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Creating Proposals in HighPower Biz CRM

How to write clear and confidence building proposals Potential clients want to know what they are getting into when they contact your company about software development. They have concerns about the process, the timeline, and the budget. If you can present them with a clear proposal which outlines major features, costs, and timeline, you will […]

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Keeping Track of Clients with HighPower Biz CRM

How to segment your clients using HighPower Biz CRM Software I consider my clients my friends. Yes, it is a friendship based on a business relationship, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy each other and have a good time working together. Part of having a positive relationship is knowing what’s going on with each […]

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CRM Project & Task Tracking

The greatest tool in the whole world for tracking projects & tasks! Yes, there’s nothing like a little hyperbole to emphasize a point. But the truth is, that we have been developing our own project and task tracker for our CRM software, and we are quite happy with it. We do believe that it is […]

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Time Saving Invoicing

I developed the HighPower Biz CRM app to save me time. My Story:Like any small business owner, I spend a lot of time on the paperwork at the end of the week. It was taking me a lot of time to track all the hours my developers were working, then to confirm those times, double-check […]

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