HighPower Freelance Software: The Dashboard, Part Two

April 24, 2021
William Miller

An Awesome New Tool which uses FileMaker Pro to power your business!

Last week we took a look at the Business Dashboard of HighPower Freelance software. Here is a screen pic of it:

The three graphs at the bottom have already been explained last week.

The top section contains some key numeric data which you, as the business owner, will want to see in order to stay on top of the health of your business.

The first three boxes provide the numeric data which feeds into the three charts. These contain the numbers for the Prospecting Funnel, the Client Relationships breakdown, and the Project Stages numerics.

There is one set of numbers which are not represented on the Client Relationship pie chart. You will notice on the box representing Client Relationships that we break out the totals for Clients into two categories,”Total Clients” and “Active Clients”. The reasons are these: every agency will want to know what is their total client count. It is good just to know how many total clients you have provided service for through the years. But not all of those are going to have active projects at all times. So HighPower Freelance software allows for a distinction to identify those Clients with active Projects, which are classified as Active Clients.

How you define an “Active Client” is totally up to you. Some agencies will simply say that if they haven’t done any work in the last six months, then they are no longer active clients. Others will choose a different time frame. How you define it is totally up to you.

Then the next two major sections on the Business Dashboard will be of great interest to every freelance agency business owner. This is the list of “Top Ten Clients” and “Top Ten Projects”.

Each time you start up HighPower Freelance, it runs a quick tabulation to determine your income status for clients and projects. (These numbers themselves are constantly being calculated every time you run the “Create Invoices” script from the Worklog. You are given the option to “update client payments” which provides the raw data used in this Business Dashboard display. It is a simple matter then to find the Top Ten Clients, and Top Ten Projects.

This incredibly useful tool helps you to keep an eye on your most important sources of revenue. Take care of your Top Ten Clients, and they will take care of you!

The next really useful metric is the Top Ten Projects. Sometimes a new Client comes on the scene and hires you for a Project which turns out to be very lucrative. You will want to pay attention to those sort of Projects, and make sure they are coming along nicely for the Client. That is the purpose of the Top Ten Projects. Watch them closely and manage them well, and your freelance agency will do just fine!

And so there you have it! The Business Dashboard of HighPower Freelance software gives you the tools to keep an eye on the health of your business. All numbers are tabulated automatically as you go about your daily routines of adding and updating client data. No additional work is necessary. The data will always be ready for you when you want to get an overview of your business health.

HighPower Freelance software is powered by FileMaker Pro software by Claris which is a subsidiary of Apple. Contact us for questions, or to buy a license for this awesome software.

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