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Aircraft maintenance garage with seven airplanes visible.

Success Story: Custom FileMaker Solution for Aircraft Maintenance Company

Malibu Aerospace provides maintenance, engineering, design and troubleshooting services for Piper airplanes. Their mission is to improve the usability and safety of aircraft by providing industry expertise for their clients. HighPower Data Solutions provides FileMaker support and development for Malibu Aerospace. In addition to updating their software layouts for a better user experience, we’ve worked […]

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First Choice

When HighPower is not your first choice

What happens if the last project did not work out? We have noticed a pattern in the last three months here at HighPower. Four times in the last three months, we have had new clients hire us, even though months earlier they had passed over us for a “less expensive” developer. In most of these […]

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Case Study

Case Study: a Printing Company

An interview with the owner reveals some powerful benefits to hiring HighPower Data to use FileMaker to run your business We sat down with Joe Cherrie, owner of a printing company, to discuss the ways that HighPower Data Solutions was able to assist them by installing a business SYSTEM using FileMaker Pro. Now just to […]

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New Software

HighPower’s Newest Software Offerings

Two Software Products have been added to the Claris Marketplace Claris has approved the addition of two of our powerful software tools to their Claris Marketplace. If you are not aware of what this is, the Claris Marketplace (, is an international repository of top FileMaker Pro software. Last month our Freelance agency software which […]

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Freelance Software

Freelance Software: A Quick Overview

New Product Built with FileMaker Pro to Grow Your Own Freelance Agency HighPower Data Solutions is offering a new product on our product store. It is called “Freelance Software” and it is a fabulous tool for anyone who wants to grow their own freelance agency. Whether you are working with software, websites, or are a […]

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Computer Software

HighPower Freelance Project Software: Licensing & Hosting Modules

Special project tracking options for freelance software agencies We specifically designed HighPower Freelance software to make it easy for software agencies to track their hosting & licensing data. We understand this, because we are also a software agency. We know that there is a LOT of data to track when it comes to licenses and […]

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HighPower Application Icons

HighPower FileMaker Services Store is Open!

HighPower Data Solutions now has an online store to purchase goods and services. Do you want training? We have books, one-on-one mentoring, and classes. Do you need hosting? We have both Web Hosting and FileMaker Hosting. Do you need FileMaker licenses? We can help you sort out the options and find a good fit for […]

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Law Firms Get SMART

Speedy Management And Relational Technology in a May 2020 article in Twin Cities Business, author Gene Rebeck makes this observation about “High Tech Advantages” taking place in the legal field: ” ‘Like any organization, we want to operate as efficiently as possible,’ says Caroline Boudreau Sweeney, Dorsey’s director of knowledge management and innovation. Law firms […]

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Introducing another HighPower Data Software Engineer: Ben Jones!

Ben Jones is a great software engineer. He is a graduate of University of Northwestern, St. Paul with a computer science degree. Ben has been working for HighPower for a couple of years now. He started off with very little knowledge of FileMaker, but very quickly learned the craft and now excels at it. Ben has […]

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Developer Spotlight: Joseph Munson

Joseph Munson, Senior Web Engineer, has been on the HighPower Data Solutions team for two years now. He is a man of multiple talents. Joseph initially attended Bethel University, majoring in music, one of his loves. After completing that degree and serving as a worship leader at a downtown Minneapolis church, he completed a second […]

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