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Release 19.3

New FileMaker Release 19.3

Claris has released a new version of FileMaker Pro. Here is a quick highlight of the new features: Apple Silicon Support FileMaker Pro is now a Universal macOS app, which takes advantage of the advanced capabilities of Mac computers with Apple silicon and also runs on Intel-based Mac computers. If you use FileMaker plug-ins or ODBC […]

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FileMaker Pro Charting Options

Charting Options in FileMaker Pro

Dashboard systems to visualize your data in FileMaker Pro It used to be that in the “old” days of FileMaker, if you want to present a chart, you only had access to FileMaker’s internal charting options. But now, you have three choices. First, you can use FileMaker’s internal charting options These have been around forever, […]

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Cat Lawyer

What can we learn from the “I am not a cat!” lawyer video?

A hilarious video came out this week of a video deposition streamed via Zoom. One of the lawyers had a filter running on their Zoom settings which made him look like a cat. Here is the crazy video: What can we learn from this? (Aside from “Don’t let your kids play with your Zoom […]

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frustrated woman at computer

Why is my FileMaker so slow – Part Two

Environmental Factors which Affect FileMaker Speed In my previous blog, I explained how a great FileMaker solution can get ruined by overuse of unstored calcs. You can read that piece here. Besides the ten tips which I provide in the free white paper, almost all of which are a direct result of bad programming, there […]

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Slow FileMaker

Why is my FileMaker so slow?

How a wonderful piece of software can get ruined. I love FileMaker. It is one of the coolest most powerful software applications available. I discovered it more than 25 years ago when I was looking for a simple way to track my books. What was a simple database program back then has grown up into […]

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;aptop with code on it

New FM 18 Function: While

FileMaker 18 released a new function called While. Anybody who has done any programming in the past will be familiar with the concept of this function. In fact, the While function goes all the way back to BASIC, if you are old enough to remember that.  The While function’s purpose is to perform a certain […]

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woman in black chair leaning over Macbook

New FileMaker 18 File Commands

FileMaker 18 added a number of long-requested features to their capabilities. You can now do some very cool data FileMaker 18 commands: 1. Create Data File:  Creates an empty, closed data file, to then open with the Open Data File script step and add data to using the Write to Data File script step.  2. Open Data […]

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close up picture of computer keyboard

Speed Arrow Keys

FileMaker Pro Advanced 18 has a ton of new features, but sometimes it is the little ones like speed arrow keys that make life easier which get our attention. They have added this option now: Shift + Arrow = 10 pix jump In layout mode you now have the ability to use the Shift + […]

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woman sitting in front of table beside man leaning on laptop

FileMaker 18 feature: new interface for importing data

Some of the most exciting products to make are the mobile tools, iPad or iPhone apps, which can be used to conduct business in out-of-office locations, like on-site at a client’s business, or even out in the field for some construction, oil well, or vineyard apps which we have created. To be able to take […]

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orange buoy with a black anchor design

Three Models for the FileMaker Relationship Graph

There are three primary models, or ways of arranging the data architecture in FileMaker Pro. These are: 1. Hub & Spoke (HS) 2. Anchor-Buoy (AB) 3. Selector-Connector (SC) HS has been around for a long time, and is perhaps the oldest and often original method for design. It is a common (mistaken) expectation of new developers, as I remember […]

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