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How to Apply Elon Musk’s Engineering Philosophy to Your Business

or, How you can improve your business using FileMaker Pro There was an interesting article in Lucept: ( ) about Elon Musk and his engineering philosophy. I will summarize the five main points from his philosophy here, and then talk about how at HighPower Data Solutions, using FileMaker Pro, we can apply this same […]

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Database Market

Database Market Continues to Expand

A recent report shows that FileMaker and similar software markets continue to grow. This report is by Orbis, and here is the link to the full report. This is good news for anybody who is using FileMaker. This means that the market for this type of product continues to grow. So anybody who owns or […]

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Drowning in Data

Companies have too much data, but not the right tools to analyze it all. In the May 2020 issue of Twin Cities Business, is an article written by Gene Rebeck, entitled “High Tech Advantages”. The focus of the article is how new technologies offer efficiencies for businesses to better meet their customer needs. One interesting […]

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Let’s Get Back to Work!

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce has released guidelines (based on the national guidelines) for how to “Return to Work Safely.”  Not all of our clients are based in MN, but these guidelines will be helpful no matter which state or country your reside. The guidelines are available here:  Here is a quick summary: The […]

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Read this Book: The Trusted Advisor

The Trusted Advisor by David H. Maister, Charles H. Green, and Robert M. Galford is a classic volume, useful to anyone who wants to earn and keep the trust of their customers or clients. The book was written in the year 2000 and has gained prominence as an excellent, and thoughtful guide for any who […]

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Is Your Business Forced to Squeeze into Your Software?

The problem with off-the-shelf software is that it is designed to meet the needs of 80% of businesses. That means that only the generic, usual needs of customers, products, invoices, etc. can be met. If your business is like most other businesses, there are many processes, or ways of doing business that are totally unique to […]

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FileMaker Concurrent Connections Price Increase

FileMaker, Inc. has informed us that the cost of “concurrent connections” will be increasing soon. Concurrent Connections are used to access your FM solution from either iPad, iPhone or web browsers. If your solution uses any of these, then you will be impacted by this price increase. Please contact us and we will show you […]

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Minneapolis FileMaker Developer Helping You Automate Your Business

Not every business that uses computers is automated. Not every business that has databases is automated. Business automation is a function of your business processes. Good processes with a logical order, clear lines of authority, and non-redundancy lend themselves to automation. A good database system can help to automate your business https://vaigeneri..gra/. But it is […]

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