HighPower Web Design

April 23, 2022
William Miller
HighPower Web Design

We have been doing websites for years. We thought we should tell you about it!

Our focus as a company has always been business automation. We want to help businesses succeed by helping them to automate as many of their digital processes as they can. Or to take paper-based processes, and turn them digital. As I like to say “Our mission is to save the trees of America, by helping companies to go digital!”

A big part of helping companies to automate is to improve their websites. Many times we can transform a pretty looking, but static webpage and make it truly useful to the company. We can add in backend processes that help the website to work for the company, as its 24/7 employee, always on call to serve.

Some business processes which we have built into websites for companies have been:

  • E-commerce, obviously, to allow people to purchase from your site, earning your company money even if you are not working.
  • Inventory display – so that any changes made to your inventory, using FileMaker Pro to track it, are automatically shown on your website, so that your customers can find the product they are looking for.
  • Smart Forms – more than just filling out a form, it can begin a process for you, which takes place behind the scenes
  • Email Campaigns – putting the potential customer on a drip email campaign so that they begin receiving a set of planned and targeted emails to continue the sales process for you.
  • Appointment scheduling – we’ve used Calendly (and other calendar systems) to allow potential client to schedule appointments immediately from the site, saving your staff some administrative effort and time.
  • Client Portals – we’ve built websites which allow your current customers (this works well for printers), to place their order, either a renewal of an existing one, or start a brand new order, from the site. So the order is actually placed into the queue and waiting to be processed as a work order from the moment it is submitted. It is not just sitting in someone’s email in-box waiting to be noticed, and then retyped into a work order. It is already there.
  • Document Storage – some companies need to have a system for customers/clients to submit important and personal documents into storage with the company. We have created HIPAA-compliant sites that will do this.
  • Private Gated Online Communities – this will involve more than just a website behind the login wall. There could be other elements like community discussions, or means to connect with others, and conduct business.

So all of these examples are simply to show that we have been building sophisticated websites for years. Now we are making these services more public for anyone to find us at: HighPower-Design.com .

The goal we have for you with our FileMaker applications and smart websites is to build you a SYSTEM, which Saves You Stress, Time, Effort, and Money. And using the website on the front and FileMaker or other plugins on the backend, we can truly build you a smart website that works for you.

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