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New Release from Claris: FileMaker 2023

FileMaker 2023 has been released! Claris has just completed a wide release of their newest and most powerful software ever! FileMaker 2023 Note the new naming convention. Claris is moving from “FileMaker 19” to “FileMaker 2023”. Here is their explanation: Why FileMaker 2023 and not FileMaker 20? As a modern technology, FileMaker will reflect modern […]

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FileMaker in the Video Business Picture

How FileMaker is used in the Video Business

We have a number of clients who create, rent, or sell movies, videos and video equipment. This is a brief overview of how they use FileMaker to run their business. How to use FileMaker to advance your video business: 1. Use FileMaker to create a massive database of video clips One of our clients provides […]

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Claris, an Apple Company

FileMaker Pro by Claris, an Apple Company

Claris, the makers of FileMaker Pro, have clarified their relationship to Apple. FileMaker has been around for more than forty years. It was owned by a few different companies during its early years. One of those companies was Claris, which then changed their name to FileMaker, and a few years ago, they changed it back […]

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Claris FileMaker and Apple

A lot of people do not realize that FileMaker, and its parent company, Claris, is a wholly-own subsidiary of Apple. That’s right, the awesome, cool-factor company of Apple owns FileMaker Pro. FileMaker has been around for decades, since some time in the 1980’s. I started using FileMaker at version 4.1 in the mid-90’s, and it […]

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Database Market

Database Market Continues to Expand

A recent report shows that FileMaker and similar software markets continue to grow. This report is by Orbis, and here is the link to the full report. This is good news for anybody who is using FileMaker. This means that the market for this type of product continues to grow. So anybody who owns or […]

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Cat Lawyer

What can we learn from the “I am not a cat!” lawyer video?

A hilarious video came out this week of a video deposition streamed via Zoom. One of the lawyers had a filter running on their Zoom settings which made him look like a cat. Here is the crazy video: What can we learn from this? (Aside from “Don’t let your kids play with your Zoom […]

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Original Windows Logo

Windows 1.0 is released! (35 years ago!)

Can you believe it? Windows very first GUI interface changed it all. (I know that Apple had it first, but you have to admit that Windows spread it to the masses.). Thirty-five years ago, on Nov. 20th, 1985 was the day they released Windows 1.0. (It didn’t become really usable until long after that.) But […]

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