New Release from Claris: FileMaker 2023

May 05, 2023

FileMaker 2023 has been released!

Claris has just completed a wide release of their newest and most powerful software ever!

FileMaker 2023

Note the new naming convention. Claris is moving from “FileMaker 19” to “FileMaker 2023”. Here is their explanation:

Why FileMaker 2023 and not FileMaker 20?

As a modern technology, FileMaker will reflect modern release numbering conventions going forward. As the FileMaker platform advances with continuous innovation and a faster release cadence, moving to a numbering scheme based on release year reflects the continuous improvement at Claris.

New Features:

  • New Icon! (woot). It is at the top of this email, just under our logo.
  • OnWindow Transition (2023)
    This is a file-level script trigger which will work in conjunction with the new Transaction functions.
  • PSOS with Callback (2023)
    This is a function which will notify you when a Perform Script on Server is complete. So you can send up long server scripts, and then rather than wait for them to execute, just take action, such as a different script, when it is finished.
  • Trigger Claris Connect Flow (2023)
    This will provide easier integration with the Claris Connect features and FileMaker 2023.

  • BaseTable additions (BaseTableNames, BaseTableIDs, FMBaseTables(sql)  (2023)
    In the past you could get the table occurrence names. Now you can get the actual base table they are based on.
  • Send Mail OAuth 2.0 (2023) 
    You now have three ways to handle emails in FileMaker 2023: [client, SMTP, and OAuth].
  • Get(LiveText)
    This was actually available in FM 19.5, but they have announced it a little more broadly here.LiveText reading is possible in iPhones, and now can be integrated into FileMaker.

    Here is the explanation from Claris:
    You can use the Apple Live Text feature to interact with text in a photo or text that appears within the iPhone or the iPad camera frame. Live Text is new to iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey.
    Starting with Claris® FileMaker Pro® 19.5.1 and Claris FileMaker Go® 19.5.1, you can use the GetLiveText function to return the text found in the image of a container field. In FileMaker Go, you can also use the Live Text feature to insert text from the Camera app into a text field for supported devices

    For me it is gratifying to see a deeper integration between FileMaker and the iPhone. This is in addition to features already there like GPS location, getting notifications, and Beacon support.
  • Get(CacheFilePath)
    • The new Get(CacheFilePath) function returns the path of the cache file for the currently active database.
    • The new Get(CacheFileName) function returns the name of the cache file for the currently active database.

Here’s more:


  • The Execute FileMaker Data API script step now supports the dateformats parameter.
  • The new Perform Script on Server with Callback script step performs a specified script on a server. When complete, the client locally performs another specified script.
    The cURL option in the Insert from URL script step now supports secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) and includes the pubkey option for SFTP public key authentication.
  • The new Trigger Claris Connect Flow script step initiates a Claris Connect workflow automation.


  • You can now double-click a fmcert license certificate file to initiate the license certificate import process. Upgrade licenses must be imported using Help > Replace FileMaker License.
  • Windows: Thumbnails can now be immediately created for PDF files in container fields.
  • The new OnWindowTransaction script trigger creates a JSON object whenever a window’s transaction completes successfully. The JSON object includes the file name, base table name, record ID, operation, and contents of that base table’s field named onWindowTransaction (or a specified field) for every operation within the completed transaction.
  • SQL queries to FileMaker databases can now access a FileMaker_BaseTables system table. The new schema contains the following fields:
    • BaseTableName – the table name
    • BaseTableId – the table ID
    • Source – the source (<internal>, MYSQL, etc.)
    • ModCount – the number of times the table has been modified
  • Sending mail using FileMaker Pro can now use OAuth 2.0 with Microsoft 365 Business or Google Workspace subscriptions.
  • Dark Mode is now partially supported for the relationship graph.
But should I upgrade to FM2023?
Answer: That depends…
If you are on a version of FileMaker older than FM19, then I would say ‘yes, let’s upgrade’.  
But we do need to look at your situation. How will it impact your employees? Do you have any workstations which need to be upgraded to a new OS first?  
If you are currently using FM19, then the answer is “It depends”.  Is there an immediate need? Are there new features which you would like to take advantage of?  How will it impact your business? Do we need to upgrade work stations?
Feel free to give us a call at the office: 763-208-9107 to discuss your particular situation.

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