Database Market Continues to Expand

February 13, 2021
Database Market

A recent report shows that FileMaker and similar software markets continue to grow.

This report is by Orbis, and here is the link to the full report.

This is good news for anybody who is using FileMaker. This means that the market for this type of product continues to grow. So anybody who owns or uses FileMaker is using a product that has a lot of potential for the future. One thing you want to make sure that you have when using software, is a software community that is strong and growing.

Here are some interesting stats and facts about FileMaker (these are dated as of 2016, so the numbers have only gone up since then):

  • Over 24 million copies of FileMaker software delivered
  • The FileMaker Platform is available in 15 languages
  • Over 2 million downloads of FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone
  • Over 50,000 members of the FileMaker Community
  • Over 1,200 companies in the FileMaker Business Alliance

All of this means that the future looks bright if you are a FileMaker user.

We have some great products to get you started if you are new to FileMaker.

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