HighPower Freelance Software: The Dashboard, Part One

April 17, 2021
William Miller
Freelance Dashboard

An Awesome New Tool which uses FileMaker Pro to power your business!

If you are running your own freelance agency, you need to get an overall view of the status of your business. That is why we have created the Business Dashboard for you in HighPower Freelance Software.

If you take a look at the following screen shot, it will show you where you can find this useful tool for your freelance business:

HighPower Freelance Software Business Dashboard

As you can see with the included demo data, you have an overview of everything needed to understand the status of your business.

Starting at the bottom, we have the three Quick Charts to show you:

  1. the Prospecting Funnel
    This shows you the status of your business pipeline. First it shows you the number of Prospects with whom you are currently in dialogue. You are free to define what that means for your particular business. But every time you begin a new conversation, you can increase the counter on the Prospects Counter, which is just above it on the same screen.

    The Prospects Counter has handy drop-downs for “Prospect” conversations, “Prospect Mtgs”, which would be when your initial conversation takes another step further down the sales road; then you can count “Proposals” which you actually submit to these Prospects”, and finally, the best, “New Clients”!

    As you select these various totals in the Prospects Counter, the graph changes and grows to give you a quick visual representation of the status of your sales pipeline.
  2. the Client Relationship pie chart
    The second chart in your HighPower Freelance Software Business Dashboard screen is the Client Relationship Chart. We define client relationships very simple as just one of three categories:
    • Lead – this is just a name on a page; you don’t know too much about this person or company, but your sources have led you to them, and they could turn out to be a viable Prospect. You have to have a lot of Leads going to start filling that Prospect funnel, so this handy chart helps you to keep an eye on things.
    • Prospect – this is a person or company with whom you have had some interaction, and they could possibly turn into a Client.
    • Client – the goal of it all, is of course, paying clients or customers who need the services provided by your company.

      With HighPower Freelance Software (powered by FileMaker), you can keep an eye on these important client relationships.
  3. the Project Stages pie chart
    HighPower Freelance Software categorizes Project Stages in the following ways:
    • Design
    • Development
    • Deployment
    • Maintenance

The Project Stages are displayed in two ways, both as a visual pie chart at the bottom of the screen, and as a numeric display of the actual total number of projects at each stage.

So each set of key data is represented in two ways, first as a chart, and secondly as a numeric table of values. The goal here is to give you as the owner of your freelance agency, a quick and visual display of the status of your business at any point. These numbers are automatically tabulated every time you open up your Freelance Software.

Running your own business requires access to key pieces of data to give you the knowledge and understanding you need to make wise decisions for your freelance business. HighPower Freelance Software is here to help you with that goal.

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