Let Your Business Grow with HighPower Freelance Software

December 09, 2021
William Miller
Grow with HighPower Freelance Software

Your business system can be your number one bottleneck to growth.

I purposefully used the phrase “let your business grow” rather than “help your business grow”. Here’s why; a healthy business should grow; that is what it does. If you are providing a good product or service, are treating your customers right, and have a good price, you are on the right track. Then if you do enough marketing to get the word out, you should be ok. That is my simplistic and hopeful attitude about business in our free enterprise economy. I know that there are exceptions to the rule. But you at least have to be doing right in terms of product/service, price, customer care, and marketing. Once those are in place there are many other things which you can do, but you need to start with those.

If you have a healthy business, and are wondering why you are not growing more than you are, it could be that your systems are bottle-necked. That is, you may unknowingly already be bumping up against a wall which is slowing or preventing continued growth in your business.

I found out at a certain point in our business that I could only manage a certain number of clients and their projects. Once it got beyond a certain number, I would start overlooking things; or not managing it well. That is why I built HighPower Freelance Software. I needed some software to multiply my abilities and give me super-powers. Now with Freelance, I am able to keep an eye on more projects than I could without it. I can keep an eye on dozens of projects and hundreds of Tasks because I have the right tools for the job.

The crazy thing about bottlenecks in your business is that you hardly know they are there until you get a new perspective. Because you are doing business the way you have always been doing it, you may not realize the problem. But once you find it, you can surpass it with the right tools.

For example, we had enough work to keep me and and two employees busy. I was doing all I could to both manage and work in the business. But once I developed HighPower Freelance, I was able to manage more business. This allowed me to step out of the development side of things and just focus on managing the work. And I was able to add five more employees and sub-contractors, and still keep track of all of their Projects and Tasks, because now I had the right tool for the job.

I had surpassed my bottleneck! And I didn’t even know I was in a bottleneck until I got beyond it and looked back.

This software helped me to grow my business, and it can help you to grow yours!

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~William Miller, HighPower Data Solutions & creator of HighPower Freelance Software