Freelance Project Software: The Business Process Checklists

March 06, 2021
William Miller
Business Process Checklist

Building a SYSTEM is the name of the game if you are building a business.

We often use the acronym here of SYSTEM, which stands for Saves You Stress, Time, Energy & Money. One of the cool functions of Freelance Project Software is that it will help you to build a SYSTEM into your business. There are many parts to making something like this happen, but you can’t do it without a clear list of tasks, jobs, and responsibilities for each part of your business. The HighPower Freelance Project Software has a section devoted to helping you to build out all of your business processes into a SYSTEM.

There are ten navigation buttons across the top of Freelance Project Software, and the very first one is entitled, “Business”. It will take you to all the Business dashboards, action buttons, files, documents, emails, etc. which you need to run your freelance business.

Freelance Software Navigation Bar
Freelance Software Navigation

One of the tab options in the Business section is the “Checklists” section. It is here that you can create a Category, such as “New Employees”, and then create a series of steps which must be taken for that process.

HighPower Freelance Software Business Checklist
Freelance Software Business Checklists

You can see that on this screen you can enter a file or an image; you can create a “New Process” for your business. You can select any existing processes (note that “New Employee” is selected); You can search by Tags for any Process. And the column headers at the bottom of the image show that every process checklist item will have a “Sort” order, a “Category”, a “Title”, a “Description”, a person assigned to be responsible (“Who”), and various “Tags” to assign to it for later searching.

Using this tool then in your Freelance Software will help you to build a systematic set of steps to do for every major function of your business. For example, you can set a series of steps to take when you get a new client. You can write out the steps for invoicing each week. There are an unlimited number of processes which you can create to run your business.

Building a system is the name of the game if you want to have a successful business that runs smoothly of its own accord without requiring you to be there for every step of the process. Build a system, and then let your staff run the system for you. The end result is that it will “Save You Stress, Time, Energy & Money”.

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