FileMaker Go Hits 4 Million Downloads!

March 13, 2019

FileMaker announced recently that there have been 4 million downloads of their mobile application, FM Go! on the iTunes App Store. This is really an amazing number. This shows the incredible interest people and business have in having mobile access to their data.

What is amazing about FileMaker is its great versatility as a platform. Using this single piece of software a person can create one application that can is accessible from iPhone, iPad, Android, web, and desktop.

Because of that and other reasons, FileMaker is really on the grow! More and more sites are recognizing its importance and giving it high marks for versatility, rapid application development, no-code or low-code kudos, etc. It has been around for 35+ years, but ever since the release of FM Go for the iPad and iPhone, it has been taking off like a rocket.

Their new focus on FileMaker as a Workplace Innovation Platform is hitting the mark as well with many more hits to their company website. FileMaker has been around for a long time, but it just keeps innovating, and growing, and improving. It is an excellent long-term choice for any company that wants to build on a solid foundation for the future.