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Which Part of Your Business Needs to be on your Phone?

With the amazing mobile capacity of FileMaker, you can now have access to every part of your business via your phone. This might be great, but it might not! For example, when I am on vacation, I really do not want to see or worry about all the little details to every project happening on […]

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iPad and iPhone

FileMaker and Mobile Apps – Find Your Size!

It used to be that if you wanted to go mobile, you had just one choice in terms of size. But now Apple has released three different sizes of iPads ( 12.7, 9.4, and iPad mini (7.9). As for phone sizes, besides the regular large size, there is also the large Plus sizes for iPhone […]

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Three Mobile Display Options for You

The FileMaker Pro platform has truly become a full computing platform which provides a “blank slate” upon which you can create and meet your various business needs. Take, for example, just the ‘simple’ option of providing a mobile business software option. Because of recent advances in FileMaker Pro technology just this simple question gives you […]

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FileMaker & Beacons

Recent versions of FileMaker, especially 15 and 16 have added functions for beacon support. This is the newest and coolest mobile feature lately. It uses beacons which are placed around a physical facility and are used to provide guidance and indications to any mobile devices which come near. Examples of use would be a warehouse […]

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FM Go! – 3 Million Downloads!

FileMaker announced recently that there have been 3 million downloads of their mobile application, FM Go! on the iTunes App Store. This is really an amazing number. This shows the incredible interest people and business have in having mobile access to their data.   What is amazing about FileMaker is its great versatility as a […]

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FileMaker and the App Store

It used to be that if you wanted to release an app for sale on the app store you had two options: either learn Swift programming language and build it by hand, or use the FileMaker Go app, and ‘bundle’ your app with it. But now in the past year FileMaker, Inc has released their […]

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FM Go! 16

With the release of FileMaker 16, please note that FM, Inc. has also released a new version of the Go app. In case you are unaware, FM Go! is the mobile version of FileMaker for on your iPhone or iPad. It is a very slick tool and is a wonderful way to take your data […]

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iPhone X with "Hello" displayed

Mobile Apps and a little iPhone History

The Apple will soon be releasing what people are calling “the 10th Anniversary iPhone”. It was in 2007 that Apple changed the world forever by releasing the original iPhone. At the time there was nothing like it. Every other phone had buttons. Even the most popular “smart phone” at the time, the Blackberry, had a […]

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iPad Apps for Doctors, Dentists, Car Repair Shops and Hair-Stylists

Do you ever have this experience? You go into your doctor’s office (or dentist, or hair-stylist, or car repair shop, etc.) and they hand you a clipboard with a piece of paper on it, and ask you to fill it out. (This could be any business with a waiting room.) Now a clipboard and paper […]

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Reasons NOT to Go Mobile

Mobile apps are very hot right now, and everyone may be telling you that it is the way to go. But maybe it’s not! If mobile is not a fit for your company needs, you may just be wasting money. Since we make mobile apps at HighPower Data, it might seem strange to suggest this, […]

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