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50 Mobile App Possibilities!, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple, Inc. has a great listing on their website right now: In it they list 50 different ways that people have created mobile apps for their business. Many times there are links to the full customer stories. It is really pretty amazing to see the level of versatility that […]

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FileMaker Mobile Can Transform Your Business

Adding FileMaker Mobile can change the way you do business. If you already have an existing FileMaker application which you use for your business, adding a mobile option can be your next step to business automation. Making your business application available to you on mobile transforms your business in several very positive ways. 1. It […]

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FileMaker Go: Mobile vs. Desktop Data

Are you in need of a mobile software solution to access your data on the go? Before downloading your FileMaker Go app or hiring a developer to custom design something for you, there are a few things to consider: 1st – TYPES OF DATA Consider what types of data are most helpful to you while […]

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FIleMaker Mobile Apps On Android

Are your ready to use your Android to access your data using FileMaker? It used to be that if you owned an Android device, you were out of luck when it came to FileMaker. The good news for all Android users is here. FileMaker has made adjustments to their Web Direct technology now so that […]

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Hybrid FileMaker Apps For Desktop & iPad

Businesses today uses many different devices to track and measure their data, and have access to customer information or estimates. As a business owner, you use a variety of technologies to automate your data and keep your business running smoothly. In many cases, your business will need a custom app for each device. Because there […]

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Keyboard Tips From Your Minneapolis FileMaker Developer

Sometimes when using a mobile app with FileMaker, the keyboard appears when you don’t need it or want it. This can be annoying and interfere with productivity. I’ve noticed on some apps on my iPad Pro, that it sometimes takes up most of the screen, so that I cannot even see what I was trying […]

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FileMaker iPhone Integration with Maps

FileMaker integrates beautifully with your map applications on iPhone and iPad. Let’s say you have a CRM solution with an iPhone interface so that you can access your company’s contact information at any time. If you have an address field, listing a client’s company HQ, you can just tap that address in FileMaker and it […]

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FileMaker Go 14 now iOS 9 Compatible

A recent update to the FM Go 14 app was released on the Apple App store. Here’s what it says: What’s New in Version 14.0.3 Addresses general bug fixes and compatibility issues related to iOS 9. Includes support for Split View and Slide Over

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FileMaker Go 13 is still alive!

Friends, here is a recent (Aug. 28th, 2015) note from FileMaker, Inc concerning the availability of FM Go 13: As many of you know, FileMaker Go 13 was scheduled to be removed from the App Store on September 1, 2015. In response to customer requests, we have decided to extend availability of the app. Please [...]
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FileMaker Go 14 Mobile App

With the release of version 14, FileMaker, Inc also released the newest version of their mobile app, FileMaker Go 14. Like its desktop counterpart, the GO app also has a vastly improved interface. It is much more functional, and it is more consistent with the new iOS interface. It gives the user greater access to [...]
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