Mobile Signature Capture

June 28, 2018

An overlooked feature of FileMaker on the iPad or iPhone is the ability to capture a signature from a customer on the spot and have it stored in the system.

This can be a great tool for businesses which send out their techs into the field to do work. When the work is completed, the tech can pull out an ipad, or phone, and open up the particular job for this customer, fill out the form right on the iPad and have the customer sign on the spot that the work has been completed. The instant they hit submit, the people back at the office will receive notification that the work has been signed for. Then they can do whatever they need to do as a result of that. Maybe then they send out the invoice, or they notify the tech of his next job location for the day; whatever may be needed to keep the businesses humming along at maximum productivity.

Then, there is the secondary option, that perhaps you want the customer to pay on the spot. If so, then the application can be tied into a payment service like PayPal or Square, and take care of that immediately as well. So before the tech leaves the location, the project has been signed off, and paid for you. That’s some great automation!