Time Card App for Construction Workers

November 06, 2018

A nice mobile app we designed recently, let’s construction workers log into the job while they are out in the field. Now any worker with a phone, whether iPhone or Android, can open up their phone, and “clock in” on the job.

It is very cool. They tap on the special home screen button which opens up the Time Card App. Then select their name from the drop-down list of active employees, enter their 4-digit PIN. Once they are logged in, the list of Active Jobs appears. They choose the job they are working on and then tap the big round “Clock In” button. The system starts tracking their time on that job. If they finish one job, they can clock out and then clock in on a new job. At the end of the day, the total hours are sent to the home office, so they can get paid for their time.

During the day, the home office can check the time card display board at any time to see who is clocked in and what they are working in. This provides an immediate heads-up alert to staff for the status of all their workers on all their projects.

We also built in warnings to the office staff if anyone clocks in more than 10-minutes late. At the end of the week, all workers get a text on their phone informing them of how many hours they worked for the week.

This application is a hybrid between FileMaker Pro, and a website. We created a special login website, and then through a combination of PHP and JSON, we send the data over to FileMaker, which parses the JSON and distributes the data for each staff person.