June 18, 2019

The Perform Script On Server (PSOS) is one of the most useful tools which FileMaker, Inc has created to enhance the mobile web experience. Just this past month, we had another reason to use it, and I am again thankful that FileMaker, Inc added it way back in version 13.

There are a number of scripts or processes which were not available to the mobile user. Many of these were functions which were dependent upon the use of third-party plug-ins. The fact that plug-ins cannot be installed on an iPad, for quite a while FileMaker Go users were locked out of these abilities. Then when FileMaker, Inc. added the PSOS script step back in version 13 things began to change for users and developers who wanted to extend capabilities.

Our particular situation was for a client who wanted to use the 360 Works Email plugin to send emails or SMS text messages. Rather than having to install it on many different machines, we placed it on the server, and just called it using a PSOS script step. Made life a lot easier, and that is really what automation is all about right?

That’s why I love to help business automate. We have enough to do in life. Let’s not worry about installing a plugin on every machine we own, and having to update it every time a new version comes out, or install it on every new machine we get. Let’s put it up there once on the server, use, Perform Script On Server, and then go have a nice long lunch break.