Deployment Impacts Design

May 19, 2017

Here’s a quick tip as you are planning your amazing FileMaker application to sell to the world: Deployment Impacts Design

Before you ever set pen to paper, or stylus to tablet, you must make a decision about how you will be deploying your FileMaker application. That is, will it be only desktop?
Will it be only iPad?
Will it be a little bit of iPhone, iPad, and desktop?
All of these decisions must be completely decided before you begin any design.

Today, there are so many different types of screen sizes, and screen resolutions (which are not the same), and you will need to figure those out first. Because it will affect many aspects of your application. It will affect not only layout sizes, but scripting, security, and functionality as well.

So when designing your custom business application to sell to the world, these factors must be decided first.
Then you can start spending time, money, and effort on the actual development of your great FileMaker Product.