FileMaker & Beacons

December 13, 2017

Recent versions of FileMaker, especially 15 and 16 have added functions for beacon support. This is the newest and coolest mobile feature lately. It uses beacons which are placed around a physical facility and are used to provide guidance and indications to any mobile devices which come near.

Examples of use would be a warehouse inventory system, which would notify which products should be in which section; or a museum, which would automatically notify patrons of what artwork they are currently in front of. It could also be used in retail to identify key sections of the store and provide offers to customers near certain products.

It is the next big step towards the Minority Report kind of future ( if you want it!), where linked devices can identify who you are and where you are, and help you in some way because of it. One way or another it is on its way, and FileMaker is right there on the cutting edge making it happen.