FileMaker Container Fields

March 14, 2018

Many people know that FileMaker has a special field called a Container field, which allows you to insert a file into it, and store it within FileMaker. This makes FileMaker a great document storage system.

But some people do not realize that while it is great for storing PDF’s and spreadsheets, you can actually store any kind of a file in it including audio and video. This makes it a great choice for many additional kinds of applications. I am familiar with one company that stores all of its company training videos in FileMaker. So when they have a new employee, or they just need to train someone about something, they send them to the FileMaker tutorial file, and open up the record they need, such as “How to run the injection molder machine.” At that point they will watch a video about it.

FileMaker also added video control functions to its library of functions a couple of versions back.

When you combine the Container field with the video capabilities, and the new video functions, and put them into an iPad solution, you have a great employee training tool.