FM Go! 16

July 27, 2017

With the release of FileMaker 16, please note that FM, Inc. has also released a new version of the Go app. In case you are unaware, FM Go! is the mobile version of FileMaker for on your iPhone or iPad. It is a very slick tool and is a wonderful way to take your data with you.

If you try opening an older version of FM Go, you will now receive a warning from Apple, saying “This app needs to be updated.”
And if you try opening a file which was made/designed in FM16, you will be unable to open it at all, if they have selected the option from within the app saying, “Only allow versions of FileMaker of at least 16 to open this file.”

So it pays to upgrade to the latest version of FM Go!, especially since this is a totally free app.

And if you have certain data that you need to take with you, then an iPhone or iPad optimized layout will make working with your data really pleasant and enjoyable.