Four Quick Steps to Start Beta-Testing Your Product

December 13, 2017

If you are building a FileMaker application which you are going to sell to the general public, or to a niche section within an industry, then you are going to eventually need to do some beta-testing. In order for this to be successful, there are a few elements you must implement.

Here’s my list of beta-testing steps for your product from my book, Easy Apps!:
1. NDA
Start with a non-disclosure agreement. You don’t want to lose your idea to someone else before you even get it out the door.

2. A “Time Bomb”
Set the sample product to die at a certain designated date so that your intellectual property is not out there in the wild and available for anybody else to get their hands on and copy.

3. A Beta-Tester Response Method
Rather than just one gigantic survey at the end, have a series of short questions or responses to provide along the way. That way if they get bored and lose interest, you will have some responses before they gave up. People sometimes have short interest spans so grab them while they are involved.

4. An Incentive Program
Provide a very real and tangible benefit to your beta-testers, as they are providing you with an invaluable service. Reward them well and you will get good responses from them.

There are many other things which should be done, but these are essential to both protect your IP and get a good response from your efforts.