iPad Apps for Doctors, Dentists, Car Repair Shops and Hair-Stylists

May 19, 2017

Do you ever have this experience?
You go into your doctor’s office (or dentist, or hair-stylist, or car repair shop, etc.) and they hand you a clipboard with a piece of paper on it, and ask you to fill it out. (This could be any business with a waiting room.)

Now a clipboard and paper may have been the height of technology in 1975, but things have changed a bit since then!

I tell every dentist or doctor I visit who is doing this, that s/he really needs to get an iPad app going for one’s patients.
Here’s why:
1. Keep with the times!
2. Save some trees!
3. Saves you money!
Instead of paying your receptionist to re-enter all the information your patient just wrote out, have your patient enter the information into their account directly. This will save you a lot of money, and let your workers do something more productive for you.
4. Saves you stress!
Instead of risking a mis-reading of that handwriting, and getting emails or phone numbers, or God-forbid, diagnoses wrong!, get the correct information entered into your system, as your patient types out their needs.
5. Saves you time
No more double-entry

It’s time my friends.
Let’s get digital!
Make a great first impression on your customers and patients with a beautiful digital data entry system.
This can be the front door to your custom business automation software.
It is only the beginning of how we can help your business.
There is a better way!