Marketing Focus: Select Your Niche

December 13, 2017

In the great book, “The 1-Page Marketing Plan”, author Allan Dib says that the very first thing you need to do is to determine your marketing niche; who are you targeting for your business marketing? He recommends that you develop a clear focus of exactly what kind of customer is ideal for your business. Many companies will say ‘everyone’; but the author points out that if one says ‘everyone’, the practical reality is that they are marketing to ‘no one’.

So he says to define your niche. For example, are you a photographer? What kind? If someone is looking to do wedding portraits, they are more likely to call the ‘wedding photographer’, than just a general photographer. If someone has a heart attack, they are going to call a ‘heart specialist’ not a general MD. Who do you think can charge more money for their services, a heart specialist or a general MD?

Finding your niche increases your marketing power.

What is your business niche?

What is really great about FileMaker is that it can help you to identify and target your marketing niche. We recently completed a CRM application where one of the entry options was for ‘business type’ and one could enter, Retail, Manufacturing, Entertainment, etc. After doing that for a while, it will be pretty easy for a company to do an analysis of their customer industry categories and get a much better idea of the type of customer they are attracting. That can help to clarify and focus their niche for marketing. FileMaker to the rescue once again!