New FileMaker 16 Feature – Data Encryption

October 25, 2017

FileMaker 16 has a number of functions which will improve the security of your data.

Note that FileMaker has always had a number of security protocols in place. For example, Encryption At Rest (EAR) is something which has been around since about FM13. This is a really useful function to absolutely lock down your database so that even if someone gets physical access to the file it is absolutely unbreakable. And EAR is something which my HIPAA compliant clients have needed and used. And then of course, FM has always used SSL to encrypt data being sent back and forth to the server.

But this new feature in FileMaker 16 encrypts your data while it is being stored live on the server or in your local file.

The basic command allows you to Encrypt or Decrypt data stored in your system. There are a few varieties of how this is done and how it can be stored. You can use the normal encrypt/decrypt command, or you can use the Base64 Encrypt/Decrypt command. You simply use whatever password you like and run a one line script to encrypt or decrypt your data.

It is actually very simple and is a nice addition to a file for any business which would like to protect its live data during usage of the file. Perhaps it is staff salaries, medical information, contracts, or any other data which needs to be in your system and kept private. Even if other employees happen to be using the file or even a certain layout, any data sitting on that layout can be encrypted from prying eyes.

It’s a very nice feature and is easy to implement.
If you haven’t upgraded to FileMaker 16, I would encourage you to do so.
it is a great upgrade to a wonderful business development program.